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Henrietta Pussycat

First MRN Appearance: 0001
Last MRN Appearance: 1761
Performed By: Fred Rogers

Henrietta Pussycat lives in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe inside a schoolhouse located in X the Owl's tree. Originally, Henreitta was the governess of nine nice mice; however, these duties slowly went away throughout the years.

Early on, Henrietta Pussycat could only say three words besides "meow": "beautiful", "telephone", and "Misterogers." Her vocabulary expands significantly over time but "meow" remains her most predominant word.

Henrietta often feels jealous of and threatened by others when they receive special attention. She enjoys taking care of others and wearing fancy clothes.

According to a census, Henrietta is not able to whistle and her favorite color is black.[1]


Operas and Plays

Henrietta Pussycat's experience with the Neighborhood operas and plays includes the following parts:

A Star For Kitty is peformed as a birthday present for Henrietta.

Puppet Demonstration

Mister Rogers demonstrates the Henrietta Pusscat puppet in Episode 1384.


A picture of Henrietta's parents is shown in a book called Fur, Feathers, and Hair shared by Mister Rogers in Episode 0047.




In Episode 0047, Marion and Nicholas Petrov dance for King Friday as they wear costumes of Henrietta and X the Owl.

Although Henrietta Pussycat is not visibly seen in Episode 1215, her voice is heard as she provides directions to Mr. Horne, the plumber.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

In Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Henrietta Pussycat has grown up and continues to live in the treehouse with her daughter Katerina Kittycat.


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  1. Episode 1651. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

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