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Episode 1646

Topic: Imaginary Friends
Air Date: February 24, 1992
Previous Episode: 1645 - Art
Next Episode: 1647 - Imaginary Friends
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Mister Rogers arrives with an easel which he sets up before changing into his sweater and sneakers. With a pad of paper and three markers, Mister Rogers "colors a song" by playing music by Mozart to inspire his artwork. For those without music, markers, or paper, Mister Rogers suggests drawing a pretend song in the air to pretend music.

Chef Brockett calls to ask if Mister Rogers could provide a phone number for Maggie Stewart. As Mister Rogers hangs up the phone, Mr. McFeely arrives with a videotape about how people make colored markers. After watching the tape, Mr. McFeely mentions that Maggie Stewart will be doing sign language at Brockett's Bakery later in the week.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is curious about a delivery Mr. McFeely is making to X the Owl as the package's label is very specific: "Deliver to X the Owl ONLY." When X the Owl does not answer his door, Mr. McFeely leaves the package with Henrietta Pussycat. Mayor Maggie stops by the tree and spends some time with Henrietta wondering what might be inside the package. Before leaving for a meeting with the King, Mayor Maggie signs and sings You Are Special with Henrietta.

X returns home and hopes that the package contains his Imaginary Viewer (IV) and tripod. A note inside informs X that the package includes only the tripod and the IV will ship later. A disappointed X shares that an IV allows people to see imaginary things.

At the castle, Mayor Maggie tells King Friday about the contents of the package before they sing the Mimus Polyglottos and Walking Mocking song.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers traces an outline of his hand to create a thank you note for Mr. McFeely.


Maggie Stewarts telephone number is 555-2354.

King Friday explains to Mr. McFeely his reason for having wooden birds as pets instead of regular birds: "They're easier to care for than the feathery kind."

The song played on the handsaw is the well-known hymn Amazing Grace.

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