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Around the Children's Corner (Album)

Artist: Fred Rogers and Josey Carey
Date: 1958
Format: LP
Label: Coral Records
Catalog: CRL57193


Track List

Side 1

  1. Why Hi Song
  2. I Found the Children's Corner
  3. I'm Tame
  4. Chrysanthemum
  5. I Found the Children's Corner
  6. I Give a Hoot For You
  7. Every Minute of Today (The Happy Song)
  8. Good Morning God
  9. Meow Meow Meow Meow Beautiful

Side 2

  1. Vous Et Moi Ensemble
  2. Ma Famille
  3. Les Jours De La Semaine (The Days of the Week)
  4. I Found the Children's Corner
  5. Mimum Polyglottos is My Pet / Walking Mocking
  6. Had I On a Hat
  7. We're Going to Have a Party (The Party Song)
  8. I Found the Children's Corner
  9. Goodnight God
  10. So Long Song


Lyrics and sheet music for songs from this album were released in book form.

The pin worn on Josie Carey's lapel is very similar to the T.T.T. (Tame Tiger Torganization) pin.

Appearing On This Album


A child's story with narrations and song.
Singing, narration, and characters performed by Josie Carey and Fred Rogers.
With orchestra directed by Dick Jacobs.

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