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Time To Be Friends

Date: 1974
Author: Fred Rogers
Photographs: Carl Cassler
Publisher: Hallmark
Series: A Hallmark Pop-Up Book
Purchase: Amazon (Hardcover)


Paper Mechanics by Howard Lohnes
Text Copyright © 1974 Small World Enterprises, Inc.
Illustrations Copyright © 1974 by Hallmark Cards, Inc.


Time to Be Friends tells the story of Lady Elaine Fairchilde who is upset because she feels that no one has time fo her. She decides that she will make someone spend time with her and find her opportunity when Mr. McFeely comes by. As he delivers a package to Daniel Striped Tiger, Lady Elaine chains up Mr. McFeely's bicycle. Handyman Negri is nearby and comes to the Museum-Go-Round to help fix the situation.

Lady Elaine attempts to use the powers of her boomerang to keep Handyman Negri around but is unsuccessful. Handyman Negri explains to Lady Elaine that "[Her] tricks won't work, but something else will...and that is [his] wanting to stay. And also [his] having time to stay, now." Lady Elaine smiles "a smile that was even wider than her Boomerang-Toomerang-Soomerang!"

The book wraps up with a conclusion from Mister Roges: "Of course, Lady Elaine is a make-believe person who does make-believe things; but you know sometimes even real people try to use tricks to make their friends stay a little longer. That's funny, though, isn't it -- since real friends are people who care about each other, people who like to be with each other. It seems to me that real friends don't need tricks. They just need time. What do you think?"

Below are a few samples of the wonderful pop-ups in this book.


This book follows storyline of the Make-Believe segment from Episode 1194.

Appearing In This Book

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