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Episode 1761

Topic: Mister Rogers Celebrates the Arts
Air Date: August 27, 2001
Previous Episode: 1760 - Ready to Read?
Next Episode: 1762 - Mister Rogers Celebrates the Arts
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Mister Rogers arrives with a small potted oak tree which he is looking after for Mr. McFeely. Taking the tree to the kitchen, he shows viewers an acorn and explains that an oak tree grows from an acorn. As a gift for Mr. McFeely, Mister Rogers draws a picture of the tree before he sings You're Growing. Mr. McFeely stops by to drop off another tree -- a pine tree -- and Mister Rogers presents him with the picture. After Mr. McFeely shows him a pinecone, Mister Rogers returns to the kitchen where he prepares for make-believe.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday is unhappy with his drawing of the Eiffel Tower. Mayor Maggie arrives at the castle and compliments Prince Tuesday on his artwork. Taking the picture to the Eiffel Tower, Mayor Maggie gives it to a very pleased Grandpere. He likes the picture so much that he plans to put it in a frame also made by Prince Tuesday.

At the tree, Mayor Maggie visits with Henrietta and X the Owl who are awaiting the arrival of Cousin Mary Owl. Together they sing Tree Tree Tree as they wait. Upon her arrival, Cousin Mary shares that she has taken up videography through the Owl Correspondence School. With her camera in hand, she shows a film clip of the sycamore tree where she lives as well as another video she recently made about trees. The end of the video includes a shot of the Owl Correspondence School Headquarters. The video inspires X and Mary to sing the OCS Song.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about his love of trees before singing Tree Tree Tree. Mr. McFeely returns to pick up his trees which he loads onto his colorfully decorated Speedy Delivery tricycle. Before leaving, Mr. McFeely shares a video about how people make adult tricylcles.


As Mister Rogers takes the tree to the kitchen, I'm Taking Care of You plays in the background. Preparing for make-believe, several songs are heard in the background as Mister Rogers sets up the models -- You and I Together (Vous et Moi Ensemble), I'm a Man Who Manufactures, and Tree Tree Tree. Cousin Mary Owl's video about trees is set to the music of Tree Tree Tree.

Typically referenced as an oak tree, when Mayor Maggie asks Henrietta what kind of tree she lives in, Henrietta replies, "A make-believe tree." X the Owl goes on to disclose that his cousin Mary Owl lives in a sycamore tree.

Frustrated with his artwork, Prince Tuesday mentions that he'd prefer playing soccer -- something he does well.

At the end of Cousin Mary Owl's video, the outside of the Owl Correspondece School Headquarters is shown. According to the sign, it was founded in 1968 -- the year Mister Rogers' Neighborhood premiered.

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