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Speedy Delivery (DVD)

Date: 2008
Format: DVD
UPC: 9781607256908
Purchase/Stream: Amazon (DVD)



In a time where children's television is in transition, David Newell travels the globe as Mr. McFeely, confronted with the challenge to keep Mister Rogers' Neighborhood alive, and in syndication. Speedy Delivery is a captivating and inspiring story of passion, responsibility, loss and hope. Can Mr. McFeely save the legacy of Fred Rogers and how much of that legacy is actually his own?




Special features on this DVD include:

  • Commentary with director/producer Paul B. Germain
  • Featurette: Scoring Speedy with composer Bryan Senti and sound designer Friedrich Myers
  • Color Correction with Christian Sprenger
  • Speedy on KDKA News

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Directed and Produced By Paul B. Germain
Co-Producer: Stuart Friedel
Original Music By: Bryan Senti
Sound Design & Audio Mix By: Friedrich Myers
Edited By: Paul B. Germain
Appearances By: David Newell, Fred Rogers, Joanne Rogers, Joe Negri, Margaret Whitmer, Hedda Sharapan, Bill Isler, George Miles, Nan Newell, Alex Newell, Taylor Newell, Nino Petrocelli Sr., Betsy Seamans, Lynn Johnson, Maggie Andrews, Leslie Borenstein, Chuck Aber, Zina Lincoln, Mark Miller
Original Score Composed By: Bryan Senti
Music Produced By: Found Objects Music Production LLC and Friedrich Myers
Peformed By: Bryan Senti, Friedrich Myers, and Paul B. Germain
Sound Services Provided By: Post Haste Sound
Color Correcion Provided By: Christian Sprenger
Lighting Equipment Provided By: Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Still photos provided by and used with permission of Lynn Johnson
All Mister Rogers' Neighbohrood Media provided by and used with permission of Family Communications Inc.

Speedy Delivery © 2008, All Rights Reserved

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