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Tomorrow on the Children's Corner (Album)

Artist: Fred Rogers and Josie Carey
Date: 1959
Format: LP
Label: Hanover-Signature Record Corporation
Catalog: HMG-151



King Friday the Thirteenth is in a dilemma. He has just discovered that TOMORROW is missing! With only a few hours to search, the King appoints Daniel S. Tiger and Josie as special secret court detectives to discover the whereabouts of the lost day. Daniel tries out his French as he questions Grandpere, the French tiger who lives in his own Eiffel Tower. Josie does her best to keep the secret while she visits with X, the owl, and Henrietta, the pussycat. Without knowing it, they send her to Lady Elaine Fairchilde's carbarn where important developments take place! King Friday makes a royal decree and the inhabitants of THE CHILDREN'S CORNER look forward to a very special TOMORROW.

Track List

Side 1

  1. It's Morning
  2. I Like You As You Are
  3. What Would You Like To Do Today
  4. Smile In Your Pocket
  5. I'm Busy Being Busy
  6. Where Did You Go Tomorrow?
  7. Looking For a Friend
  8. It Makes Handsome
  9. Find a Star

Side 2

  1. Dialogue
  2. A Fine Feathered Friend
  3. A Smile's the Style
  4. Yes, Mr. Rogers Has a Telephone
  5. You're Special
  6. Where Did You Go Tomorrow?
  7. I'm Special / The Tame Tiger March
  8. La Nuit / The Tame Tiger March
  9. Tomorrow


Lyrics and sheet music for songs from this album were released in book form.

This LP was discussed in detail in a February 2009 post on the Neighborhood Archive Blog and also on Episode 03 of the Neighborhood Archive Podcast.

Appearing On This Album


Entire album written by Josie Carey & Fred Rogers
Published by Vernon Music Corp. ASCAP
Orchestra under the direction of Milton Delugg
A Product of Hanover-Signature Record Corporation New York, NY

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