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Episode 1676

Topic: Going Away & Coming Back
Air Date: August 29, 1994
Previous Episode: 1675 - Things to Wear
Next Episode: 1677 - Going Away & Coming Back
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Mister Rogers arrives with a large piece of linoleum floor covering which one of his neighbors was going to throw away. On the back side, another friend of Mister Rogers has painted a map of the world. He explains that the blue part of the map is water and the rest is land. Using a piece of paper, Mister Rogers "travels" the world as he sings I'm Going Away.

Mr. McFeely arrives to mention that his mime friend Dan Kamin has a performance scheduled at the Neighborhood school and will be stopping by to meet Mister Rogers. When Mr. Kamin arrives, he spend a few minutes demonstrating his talents as a mime.

Back inside, Mister Rogers takes his traveling piece of paper and writes a letter K on it, calling it "K-person."

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Cousin Mary Owl is late for her visit to the Neighborhood and X flies away to look for her. As Mr. McFeely stops at the tree with a delivery for Cousin Mary, Dan Kamin arrives as a mime and tries to help Mr. McFeely. Instead he drops the delivery inside X's knot hole not realizing that Cousin Mary has not yet arrived for her visit.

At the Platypus Mound, Mr. Kamin meets Ana Platypus who invites him to blow bubbles with her. He introduces himself by writing a letter K which leads Ana to assume that his name is "K-Man." Mr. Kamin borrows the "Platypus plunger" from Ana and returns to the tree where he attempts to retrieve the delivery. Unfortunately, the plunger does not help and he returns it to the Platypus mound.

Daniel calls Mr. Kamin to the clock where he points out that Cousin Mary has arrived at the tree. X the Owl returns to the tree where he is able to retrieve the delivery which turns out to be an old map of the Neighborhood.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers places K-person on the Trolley which he takes to the map on the floor. In the kitchen, he draws his own map on a brown paper bag. He uses a smaller paper bag to make a trolley. As he finishes, he sings You've Got To Do It.


Mr. McFeely attempts to make a delivery to Cousin Mary Owl in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe after trying first at her home in Shadyville.

A closer look at the map shared by Cousin Mary Owl

Fred Rogers' arm is visible as Daniel Striped Tiger calls out to Mr. Kamin.

Learn more about Dan Kamin at

Appearing In This Episode


  • Dan Kamin




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With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Dan Kamin, David Newell, Mary Rawson, Carole Switala
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Margaret Whitmer
Director: Bob Walsh
Associate Producer: Adrienne Wehr
Music Director: John Costa

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