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Playtime Put-Ons

Date: 1974
Publisher: Western Publishing Company, Inc. / Small World Enterprises



Playtime Put-Ons is a collection of "hats 'n' things for pretending."

The back of book provides a message to parents encouraging the support of play and pretending:

This is one of a series of products developed in cooperation with Fred M. Rogers, creator of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," the award-winning public television program for children. Both the program and the materials based on it encourage children to be themselves, to imagine, to create, to cope with feelings and new ideas -- and through all these things, to learn and to grow.

These playtime props encourage creativity and imagination. When children try on these hats and possessions associated with the TV characters, they are also trying out the personalities of those characters. In pretending to be someone else, children often add to their understanding of themselves and others.

Included in this fun collection are the following:

  • A crown to wear when you want to pretend to be King Friday XIII or Queen Sara Saturday
  • A fancy bonnet for dressing up like Henrietta Pussycat
  • A mask to pretend you are X the Owl
  • A wig to pretend to be Lady Elaine Fairchilde
  • A cap like Chef Brockett's
  • A cap like Robert Troll's
  • A watch like Daniel Striped Tiger's
  • A cap and a badge [for] when you make speedy deliveries like Mr. McFeely

Each page is complete with instructions for removing the punch-outs and putting together the playtime props.


Appearing In This Book

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