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Episode 1232

Air Date: April 11, 1972
Previous Episode: 1231
Next Episode: 1233

Mister Rogers arrives with two sticks of clay which he takes to the kitchen. Taking out ten wooden blocks, he arranges them in different ways and shows that no matter how they are used, they are still the same ten blocks. Similarly, he shows how the two sticks of clay are still clay no matter what he does with them. A short animated film is shown featuring two balls of clay forming into various shapes.

At Brockett's Bakery, Chef Brockett is having a special sale on molded cakes. In the kitchen, Mister Rogers watches as Chef Brockett demonstrates how to make a cake shaped like a lamb. Mister Rogers talks about how it might be difficult to eat the cake since it is shaped like an animal -- but Chef Brockett assures him that it is just cake. Chef Brockett mentions that he has a friend who may be interested in voice lessons and Mister Rogers thinks Francois Clemmons would be a great teacher.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Dr. Bill provides Lady Elaine with a pre-launch check-up as she prepares to fly to Jupiter. Handyman Negri helps Lady Elaine try on her helmet but has difficulty connecting the oxygen tank which he takes away for repair.

At the tree, X the Owl proudly discusses the history lesson on Benjamin Franklin that he recently studied. Francois Clemmons sings Everybody Has a History and X expresses his desire to be Benjamin Franklin.

Returning to the Museum-Go-Round with the repaired oxygen tank, Handyman Negri finds an isolation booth outside which Lady Elaine will stay in overnight in preparation for her flight. Once she is inside, she cannot hear sounds outside the booth.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers calls Francois Clemmons who offers to become the Neighborhood voice instructor. Chef Brockett stops by with the completed lamb-shaped cake and Mister Rogers shares the news about Francois Clemmons' offer to teach voice lessons.


During the animation, two elephants lock trunks as the background instrumental plays a short portion of We Are Elephants. This same animated short is used in Episode 1333.

Chef Brockett suggests that the "marrionette people" might be able to offer some ideas about where Francois Clemmons could set up his music studio.

As it turns out in Episode 1252, Chef Brockett is referring to himself when he mentions his "friend" who is interested in voice lessons.

While great measures were typically taken to prevent brand names from appearing on camera, the blocks used in this episode are marked with the Playskool brand.

One of the customers shopping at the bakery is Charles Altman -- the voice of Prince Tuesday in the early 1980s.

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Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Charles Altman (uncredited), W.P. Barker, Don Brockett, Francois Clemmons, Joe Negri, Gladys Schenk
Animation: Lynn Smith
Music Director: John Costa
Directed by Bob Walsh

Produced by Family Communications, Inc. in association with WQED, Pittsburgh
The people who gave the money to make this television visit are the people of The Sears Roebuck Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

© 1972 Family Communications, Inc.

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