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Everyone Is Special

Date: 1975
Author: Fred Rogers
Illustrator: Jason Art Studios
Publisher: Whitman / Western Publishing Company, Inc.
Series: A Tell-a-Tale Book
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© 1975 by Fred M. Rogers


In Everyone Is Special, King Friday declares that he will make life easier by requiring everyone to look the same. Since he is the king of the land, he feels it best that everyone look like him.

Everyone, including King Friday himself, becomes increasingly frustrated by the fact that they cannot tell each other apart. Lady Elaine Fairchilde decides that it is in the best interest of the entire Neighborhood for her to confront King Friday about the problem. In doing so, King Friday comes to the realization that every individual is special and he should do his best to help people be themselves.

The next day, King Friday declares that his rule was unfair and invites everyone into the castle for a party to celebrate their differences.


The inside cover of both the front and back of this book show an illustration of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

As the reader, it is very obvious that everyone in the Neighborhood is upset by King Friday's look-alike rule. Upon closer inspection, however, a reader with a keen eye will catch that not everyone is upset. Donkey Hodie seems somewhat pleased to be wearing his King Friday mask.

Appearing In This Book

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