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Festival of Many Things

Date: 1974
Publisher: Western Publishing Company, Inc. Small World Enterprises
Purchase: Amazon



Festival of Many Things is an activity book filled with fun ideas presented by Neighborhood of Make-Believe characters. All of the activities in this book follow the general storyline of participation in the King and Queen's Festival of Many Things. As can be seen on the cover, the royal couple has invited their Neighbors and young readers to the festival:

You are cordially invited to participate in the First Annual Festival of Many Things. Many things to make and do when adults and children have time together. -- King Friday XIII, Queen Sara Saturday

For 48 pages, readers are provided a wide variety of ways in which they might participate in the festival. A few examples are below.


In the Spring of 2012, the original proofs for parts of this book were auctioned on eBay at a cost of $462.78. Click images below, courtesy of eBay, for a larger view of these proofs.



Appearing In This Book

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