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Cornflake S. Pecially

First MRN Appearance: 0003
Last MRN Appearance: 1765
Performed By: Fred Rogers

Cornflake S. Pecially (Corney) lives in and works at the Rockit factory in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Located near the castle, the Rockit factory produces a variety of items but the manufacturing of rockits -- rocking chairs in various shapes and sizes and of many different materials.

Corney once set the Neighborhood of Make-Believe into a panic with one of his items -- parts for a bridge in Southwood -- which was mistakenly believed to be a part for a bomb.[1]

Although Corney is handy with any one of his many tools and has even provided his Neighbors with lessons on how to use them[2], he is prone to an occasional accident. For example, his eagerness to try out a new lathe quickly resulted in an injury to his finger.[3]

The Neighborhood of Make-Believe once celebrated Corney's birthday even though he thought everyone had forgotten.[4] Corney is not married, but Lady Elaine Fairchilde once believed that she was engaged to the rockit maker.

Among the plays and operas performed in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Corney participated in two -- A Star for Kitty in which he played the part of a star and Let the Vet Get the Pet in the role of Old Farmer Pecially.


Operas and Plays

Cornflake S. Pecially's appearances in the Neighborhood operas and plays include the following parts:


Puppet Demonstration

Mister Rogers demonstrates the Cornflake S. Pecially puppet in Episode 1384 and Episode 1689.


In early episodes, Corney is occasionally referred to by his full name -- Cornelius. This name was eventually dropped and Corney's full name became Cornflake S. Pecially.

Corney's Creations

Types of Rockits

  • Rockits for the Three Bears (0053)
  • Covered Rockit (0083)
  • Kite Rockit (1024)
  • Rockit to the Moon carnival ride (1035)
  • Piano Rockit (1062)
  • Hair Chair (1070)
  • Floating Rockit (1150)
  • Rocking Throne (1315)
  • Scroll-back Rockit (1472)
  • Pretzel Rockit (1480)
  • Rain or Shine Rockit (1510)
  • Instant Assembly Rockit (1512)
  • RC81351 (1557)
  • Dance Rockit (1571)
  • Underwater Rockit (1588)
  • Umbrella Rockit (1647-1649)
  • Stroller Rockit (1681)
  • Block Rockit (1713)
  • Auto Rockit (1765)

Other Manufactured Items

  • Hopping chair (1162)
  • A fancy stick for Prince Tuesday (1201)
  • Table and Chairs (1219, 1220)
  • Swings (1269)
  • Sandpaper Ribbon (1318)
  • Baseball Bats (1377)
  • Model Trolleys (1491)
  • King Friday dolls (1491)
  • Bridge parts for Southwood (1521-1522)
  • Horse cover for RC81351 (1557)
  • Pennants for Friday's Comet (1562)
  • Nosemuffs (1617)
  • Rocking guitar holder (1656)
  • Soft Trolley stopper (1685)
  • Royal automatic yo-yo (1732)
  • Look carefully device (1756-1758)
  • Look inside things device (1756-1758)


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


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