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Episode 1689

Topic: Everybody's Special
Air Date: August 31, 1995
Previous Episode: 1688 - Everybody's Special
Next Episode: 1690 - Everybody's Special
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Mister Rogers arrives with a case containing several of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe puppets. Moving to the couch, he shows the Cornflake S. Pecially, King Friday, and Queen Sara puppets and provides voices for each. Taking out the Prince Tuesday puppet, he explains that his friend Lenny Meledandri is responsible for Tuesday's voice. Mister Rogers calls Mr. Meledandri to invite him over for a visit.

While he waits, Mister Rogers goes to the kitchen where he makes a puppet from a plastic spoon. Mr. Meledandri arrives and provides an Italian voice for the spoon puppet as well as a voice for Prince Tuesday. Through a conversation between the puppets, Prince Tuesday expresses his displeasure with his royal robe.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, final plans for Corney's birthday are being made by Mayor Maggie and Queen Sara. Setting out to talk with Prince Tuesday, Mayor Maggie stops at the factory where she finds that Corney has hung a sign showing a large question mark. Corney explains that he is curious about what people do on their birthdays and is sad that no one has mentioned his upcoming birthday. At Corney's request, Mayor Maggie sings and signs the Happy Birthday song.

At the Museum-Go-Round, Neighbor Aber has found Prince Tuesday's cape on the ground where Tuesday intentionally lost it. The Prince is frustrated because he does not want to be special simply because he wears a royal robe. Neighbor Aber explains to him that he will always be special -- with or without his royal cape. Lady Elaine sings Museum Wares and tells Prince Tuesday she loves him whether he wears a cape or not. Neighbor Aber helps Tuesday to understand this by singing It's You I Like.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about what is on the inside being what makes a person special. He concludes by singing It's You I Like.


Attempting to call Lenny Meledandri, Mister Rogers first dials a wrong number by mistake.

Mister Rogers comments that he has never made a puppet out of a spoon before; however, he did so with a wooden spoon in Episode 1070.

At the end of the time in Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday and Neighbor Aber play hide-and-seek. While Tuesday hides, Neighbor Aber counts in an unusual way: "12-15-22-5." Translating these numbers into letters (1=A, 2=B, etc.), these numbers spell out L-O-V-E.

This episode is included on the Would You Be Mine Collection (DVD).

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With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Chuck Aber, Lenny Meledandri, Maggie Stewart
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