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Episode 1681

Topic: Fast and Slow
Air Date: February 20, 1995
Previous Episode: 1680 - Going Away & Coming Back
Next Episode: 1682 - Fast and Slow
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Mister Rogers arrives with a game made of colored plastic tubes. After placing the tubes on the floor, the object of the game is to drop objects into the tubes. Mister Rogers attempts to drop small balls and feathers into the tubes. For viewers who do not have such a game, Mister Rogers suggests simply pretending to play the game. He then sings I Like Someone Who Looks Like You just before Mr. McFeely stops by. Mister Rogers invites him in to try out the game.

Inside, Mr. McFeely delivers a picture of Chainey Umphrey, who will be demonstrating gymnastics later in the week, and a tape about how people make strollers. After watching the film, Mister Rogers shows how the Trolley can move fast and slow.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the Trolley is moving fast and slow as King Friday looks on. Mayor Maggie stops by the castle and, at the request of King Friday, sings Peace and Quiet at various speeds. Moving on, Mayor Maggie visits the factory to talk to Corney about stroller Rockits for the little ones in Westwood.

Neighbor Aber takes a quiet stroll through the Neighborhood before stopping at Daniel's clock to talk about his concern for the speed of the Trolley and to help Daniel with a smaller version of the tube game.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers cleans up his game and sings You Are Special.


Mister Rogers shows a close view of the Trolley controls.

In this episode, it is evident that the speed of the music heard as the Trolley moves along its track is relative to the speed of the Trolley itself. As the Trolley moves faster and slower than usual, the music continues to play but at an equally fast/slow pace. Of course, the movement of the Trolley does not actually trigger this music.

It is suggested that Mr. McFeely can make a slow delivery when asked; however, more people want a speedy delivery.

Daniel Striped Tiger asks if the Trolley is "lost again." This refers to Episode 1666 when Mayor Maggie and Neighbor Aber were looking for the Trolley.

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Neighbors: Chuck Aber, David Newell, Maggie Stewart
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Music Director: John Costa

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