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Episode 1715

Topic: Sharing
Air Date: February 21, 1997
Previous Episode: 1714 - Sharing
Next Episode: 1716 - Be Yourself: That's the Best
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Mister Rogers arrives wearing a hat with a crown on it and carrying a toy truck in a box. Before singing What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel, he suggests that people sometimes use their toys to express their feelings. Mr. McFeely stops by with a videotape showing people using various trucks and pieces of heavy machinery.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mayor Maggie reports to King Friday that Lady Aberlin has many things at her museum but she is unsure if his crown is among the exhibit pieces. King Friday is invited to go to the Museum-Go-Round but refuses to leave the castle without his crown. He is convinced to do so when Lady Aberlin offers him a cap with a crown on it.

Stopping off at the clock, Lady Aberlin tells Daniel that all of the missing things from throughout the Neighborhood are to be returned by Lady Elaine. Daniel joins Lady Aberlin as she goes to the Museum-Go-Round where everyone else is waiting for their things to be returned. Everything is reluctantly returned to its rightful owners except King Friday's crown which floats around the musuem out of everyone's reach. Finally, the crown finds its way to King Friday's head and everyone is invited to celebrate in the castle's C Room.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers is visited by Bill Nye the Science Guy. With a bottle, vinegar, and baking soda, Mr. Nye demonstrates how to blow up a balloon without using your mouth.


Bill Nye was the host of Bill Nye the Science Guy which aired on PBS from 1993-1998.

This episode is dedicated to Johnny Costa -- longtime pianist for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Mr. Costa died on October 11, 1996.

This episode is included on the DVD Friends and Feelings and the DVD collection Mister Rogers Meets New Friends.

Appearing In This Episode


  • Bill Nye




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Michael Horton, David Newell, Bill Nye, Maggie Stewart
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Margaret Whitmer
Music Directors: John Costa, Michael Moricz
Art Director: Kathryn Borland
Editor: Susan Howard
Assistant Art Director: Catherine McConnell
Properties/Special Effects: Andy Vogt
Production Assistants: Chris Boulton, Lenny Meledandri
Production Intern: Marla Cassette
Lead Technician: Tom Deluga
Assistant Director: Chelle Robinson
Technical Director: Jim Ochtun
Lighting Director: Frank Warninksy
Assistant Lighting Directors: Joe Abeln, Bob Lubomski
Video: Don Williamson
Cameras: Don McCall, Marji Murphy, Art Vogel
Audio: Dick LaSota
Videotape: Chet Bednar
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Location Production: Mark Adelsheim, John Burdick, Chris Dahl, Bob Lubomski, Rich Schutte, Doug Suhr
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Make-Up: Patty Bell
Musicians: Carl McVicker, Bob Rawsthorne, Joseph Bishkoff
Videotape Editor: Kevin Conrad
Post Production Sound: Dick LaSota, Dennis Williams
Original Scenic Design: Jack Guest
Director of Production: Sam Newbury

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