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Episode 1512

Topic: Games
Air Date: February 8, 1983
Previous Episode: 1511 - Games
Next Episode: 1513 - Games
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Mister Rogers arrives with two pieces of wood which were given to him by Bob Trow. Using his imagination, Mister Rogers thinks of many things that the pieces could be used for before he sings You're Growing. Mr. Trow stops by with what appears to be a regular chair but Mister Rogers quickly realizes that when combined with the two pieces of wood, it becomes a rocking chair.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin and Bob Dog use a stop/go sign to come up with a new game. At the factory, Lady Aberlin and Bob Dog help Corney organize the pieces for a few rocking chairs as he sings I'm a Man Who Manufactures. Luckily, for the sake of time, the chairs are Instant Assembly Rocking Chairs which put themselves together. Trying out the chairs, Bob Dog and Lady Aberlin are unable to stop rocking thanks to Lady Elaine's boomerang. She agrees to let them stop rocking but only after they agree that she will never be "it" when playing tag.

At the clock, Daniel is upset after playing a game of tag and having everyone run away from him. Comforting him, Lady Aberlin assures Daniel that he does not have to play games that he does not want to play.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers makes his own stop/go sign in the kitchen with a piece of construction paper and a magic marker. Concluding for the day, he sits in the rocking chair and sings I'm Taking Care of You.


The front door stays open for the duration of Bob Trow's visit to the house.

This episode is included on the DVD Friends and Feelings and on the DVD Kindness Collection.

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Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Bob Trow
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Music Director: John Costa

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