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Episode 1028

Air Date: March 19, 1969
Previous Episode: 1027
Next Episode: 1029

Mister Rogers arrives with a record which he plans to play as he paints a picture. First, he goes to the kitchen where he mixes some paint from powder and water. With the paint ready, he plays the record and creates a picture based on what the music makes him feel.

When the painting is finished, Mister Rogers thinks about Mr. McFeely taking a ride in a helicopter before Mr. McFeely himself stops by with some pictures made by children in other neighborhoods. He collected the pictures on his helicopter trip.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Edgar Cooke and Joey Hollingsworth are talking about the return of King Friday and Queen Sara. Lady Elaine Fairchilde agrees to provide decorations for the Neighborhood which Joey Hollingsworth hangs to celebrate the royal couple's return. Corney provides a set of royal chairs to the decorations and even the magic kite helps to hang some streamers.

When Lady Elaine suggests that Mr. Hollingsworth decorate himself by wearing a King Friday mask and crown. She suggests that the King has been away long enough that he may not even remember everyone when he returns.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers continues painting and sings Children Can as he cleans up.


The record played by Mister Rogers is The Comedian's Gallop by Kabalevsky.

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Episode Credits

Produced by WQED Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in association with Small World Enterprises, Inc. for N.E.T.

Created and Produced by Fred Rogers
Directed by David Fu-Ying Chen
Musical Director: Johnny Costa
Neighbors: Joey Hollingsworth, David Newell
Film: Diana Dean, George Boyle
Executive Producer: Paul K. Taff

Production funds for this television visit were provided by a grant from the Sears Roebuck Foundation and a children's program fund established by N.E.T. affiliated stations.

© 1969 National Educational Television and Radio Center

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