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Bob Trow (Character)

First MRN Appearance: 1066
Last MRN Appearance: 1698
Performed By: Bob Trow

Bob Trow is a resident of the real neighborhood. He owns and operates his own workshop where he has created and fixed many items for Mister Rogers and the other neighbors. One of his best known creations is the set of Neighborhood of Make-Believe models often used by Mister Rogers to lead into make-believe. Also, with the help of Betty Aberlin, Mr. Trow constructed the soda fountain at Chef Brockett's Bakery.[1]

In addition to his fix-it talents, Mr. Trow is also a very talented artist and has created portraits of several of his friends living in the Neighborhood.

As a side job, Mr. Trow has been seen working in the Neighborhood bowling alley.[2]

Mr. Trow is an animal lover as he takes fine care of his dogs, Jennifer[3] and Barney[4], and once pretended to have an imaginary dog.[5] He also enjoys gardening and helps Mister Rogers tend his to the his vegetable crop.[6]

Mr. Trow appeared in the Neighborhood opera Spoon Mountain when he played Wicked Knife and Fork.[7] He has a son named Rob.[8]




Bob Trow demonstrates the Harriett Cow puppet in Episode 1384 and puts on the Bob Dog suit for Mister Rogers in Episode 1583.

A childhood photo of Bob Trow is shared in Episode 1225.


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