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Episode 1497

Topic: Pets
Air Date: June 1, 1982
Previous Episode: 1496 - Pets
Next Episode: 1498 - Pets
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Mister Rogers arrives with a friend's automatic camera which he uses to take a picture of his fish tank. While he waits on the photograph to develop, he sits at the kitchen table and draws a picture of his fish. Cutting out the paper fish, Mister Rogers attaches it to a stick that he can carry with him.

Moving to the couch, Mister Rogers shows pictures of animals dressed up for a pet show before singing Everybody's Fancy.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Ana Platypus wants a pet for her birthday and King Friday brings out his own pet, Troglodytes Aedon, and sings to the bird on a stick. Meanwhile at the Museum Go-Round, Lady Elaine opens the Concourse of Catalogues where she displays pictures of different kinds of pets for Ana to choose from.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers sings a song of his own to his fish on a stick, Sally Margaret McFarland. He then spends some time thinking about different ways children play with their pets. After talking about a time when someone allowed their pet to jump up on him, Mister Rogers sings I'm Angry.

Bob Trow stops by with his dog, Barney, so Mister Rogers can get to know him before dog-sitting for a night. After they leave, Mister Rogers sits on the swing and talks about responsibility before calling Mrs. Rogers to see if it's okay to dog-sit.


The television and real worlds of Fred Rogers cross at the end of this episode when he calls his wife to be sure it is okay to care for Bob Trow's dog.

As Mister Rogers sings to his fish on a stick, he names her "Sally Margaret McFarland." Margaret McFarland was a psychological consultant for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood most of its years of production.

This episode is included on the DVD Kindness Collection.

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Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Charles Altman, Bill Barker, Carole Muller, Bob Trow
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Sam Newbury
Director: Paul Lally
Associate Producer: Margy Whitmer
Music Director: John Costa

Produced in association with WQED/Pittsburgh
A production of Family Communications
1982 Family Communications, Inc.

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