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Bob Dog

First MRN Appearance: 1072
Last MRN Appearance: 1739
Performed By: Bob Trow

Bob Dog is a large brown dog full of curiosity and excitement.

When he first arrived in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe[1], he often wore a cage over his head when he became frightened or to prevent any misbehavior. This did not always prevent problems as, on his first day in Make-Believe, Bob Dog ate all of the pies from Lady Elaine Fairchilde's pie restaurant.[2] Intimidated by Bob Dog, King Friday XIII ordered that he go to Someplace Else where Donkey Hodie helped him become tame.[3]

Born in Westwood, Bob Dog is a regular in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Little is known about his family background other than the fact that he is the adopted cousin of Ana Platypus.[4]

As a very energetic dog, Bob Dog enjoys staying active in such ways as playing football[5], playing fetch[6], and dancing.[7] He has even danced alongside the Junior Tamburitzans.[8] Unfortunately, on one occasion, Bob Dog's activity got the best of him when he fell from atop the oak tree as he was retrieving a lost ball.[9]

Bob Dog enjoys a good joke such as the one he played on Daniel Striped Tiger by convincing his shy friend that a plant was growing cans of food.[10]

In addition to his fondness for dancing, Bob Dog has also expressed himself artistically through acting in the opera A Granddad For Daniel as well as the Neighborhood play Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe.



Operas and Plays

Bob Dog's appearances in the Neighborhood operas and plays include the following parts:

The Costume

The Bob Dog costume is seen a few times in the real Neighborhood. In Episode 1583, Bob Trow puts on the costume while Mister Rogers himself wears it in Episode 1672.


The Fall From the Tree

Although it is unknown if any real-life injuries were sustained in Episode 1486 when Bob Dog fell from the tree, to the viewers at home the fall appears to have been quite forceful -- so much so that the foot of the costume can be seen flying off as Bob Dog hits the ground.


Bob Dog's Name

Lady Elaine Fairchilde commonly refers to Bob Dog as "Bobby Doggy."


In Episode 1737, Bob Dog and Neighbor Aber touch fingers as Bob Dog says "Doot." This was typically something shared between Robert Troll and his neighbors, not Bob Dog.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


Home Video


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