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Donkey Hodie

First MRN Appearance: 0016
Last MRN Appearance: 1667
Performed By: Fred Rogers

Donkey Hodie initially comes to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe intending to build a windmill behind the castle. When King Friday objects to the windmill being so near the castle, Donkey builds his windmill at Someplace Else. There he was the lone resident until the arrival of Harriett Elizabeth Cow.

When he was younger, Donkey Hodie often used his large teeth to bite others; however, he has learned that teeth are not for biting. When he learned this lesson, he was given a small piece of the rainbow.[1]

In Someplace Else, Donkey Hodie operates the farm which includes the use of the washer-dryer-sorter-dumper. He also oversees the garbage dump found in Someplace Else[2] and once assisted in solving the garbage problem in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. He also helped in hosing a Potato Harvest Festival at Someplace Else.[3]

Donkey Hodie appears as the Baby Prince in the Babysitter Opera.[4]



Donkey Hodie's Name

Donkey Hodie's name is a play on words based on the Don Quixote of the famous literary work.

Puppet Demonstration

Mister Rogers demonstrates the Donkey Hodie puppet in Episode 1384.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


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