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Episode 1073

Air Date: February 11, 1970
Previous Episode: 1072
Next Episode: 1074

Mister Rogers arrives with two pieces of wood which he takes outside after putting a carpenter's apron. As he sings You've Got To Learn Your Trade, he nails the two wood pieces together to make a sign. With black paint, Mister Rogers adds the words "Eat Pie" to the sign.

Chef Brockett stops by with three pies -- each a different shape. As he and Mister Rogers talk about Jack Horner, Mister Rogers sticks his thumb in the triangular pie and pulls out a plumb. Chef Brockett then demonstrates how turnovers are made.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chef Brockett is at the Eiffel Tower where Grandpere's machine provides him with a card that reads "Mangez Tarte" -- French for "Eat Pie." In return, Chef Brockett gives Grandpere a pie.

As he leaves the tower, Chef Brockett is approached by Bob Dog who is carrying a cage that he goes into when he is bad. Even though Bob Dog puts on the cage to keep from eating one of Chef Brockett's pies, Chef Brockett gives him a chicken pie to eat.

The magic kite flies over the Platypus mound and reads "Eat Pie." When Chef Brockett approaches the kite, he agrees to help Lady Elaine and X the Owl with the new pie resaurant as they sing the new pie song. As Make-Believe concludes, Bob Dog can be seen curiously sniffing the pies at the restaurant.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers sings the Eat Pie song and talks about manners. Cleaning up his materials from the carpenter's bench, he concludes by feeding the fish and singing I'm Taking Care of You.

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Episode Credits

Produced by WQED Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in association with Small World Enterprises, Inc. for N.E.T.

Creator and Producer: Fred Rogers
Associate Producer-Director: David Fu-Ying Chen
Musical Director: Johnny Costa
Neighbors: Don Brockett, Bob Trow
Executive Producer: Paul K. Taff

Production funds for this television visit were provided by a grant from the Sears Roebuck Foundation and a children's program fund established by N.E.T. affiliated stations.

© 1970 National Educational Television and Radio Center

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