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Lady Aberlin

First MRN Appearance: 0002
Last MRN Appearance: 1764
Performed By: Betty Aberlin

Lady Betty Kay Aberlin is the niece (originally the great-niece) of King Friday XIII and his brother Paul. Their sister, Claire, is her mother. She is the granddaughter of King Thursday and cousin of Prince Tuesday, Nicky, Quentin, Polly, and Kevin. Lady Aberlin considers singer Mabel Mercer to be her "pretend aunt"[1] and celebrates her birthday on December 30th.[2][3]

For a short time, Lady Aberlin was an assistant to Harriett Elizabeth Cow at the school at Someplace Else. She has also served as the head of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe's Water Department[4] and as the Neighborhood’s Director of Research (including wind and laughing research). While working on laughing research, Lady Aberlin turns into a tiger.[5]

Lady Aberlin is gererally a very positive personality in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and often shows this through song and dance or other forms of art such as drawing.[6] She has a close relationship with each neighbor, particularly with Daniel Striped Tiger. Lady Aberlin and Daniel often talk about their feelings and occasionally share an ugga-mugga -- a sign of affection demonstrated by rubbing their noses together.


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Operas and Plays

Lady Aberlin appeared in several of the Neighborhood operas and plays including the following parts:

Lady Aberlin's Name and Background

Lady Aberlin's full name is mentioned a few times throughout the run of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood including Episode 1698.



A caricature of Lady Aberlin is seen in Episode 1068 as part of a book called Who's Coming to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

In early episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the line between the real neighborhood and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe was not as definite. Lady Aberlin often crossed back and forth between reality and make-believe. Episode 1066 is one of the first episodes where Mister Rogers refers to the character in the real neighborhood as "Betty." So from that point forward, for the sake of documentation on this site, "Lady Aberlin" refers to the character in Make-Believe and "Betty Aberlin" refers to the character in the real neighborhood.

In Episode 1695, an inexplicable mark is seen on the inside of Lady Aberln's left arm.

The fish costume Lady Aberlin wears in Episode 1739 and Episode 1740 is the same one worn by Chef Brockett in Episode 1535.

Lady Aberlin shares her first ugga-mugga with Daniel Striped Tiger in Episode 0036.


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