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We Are Elephants

Music by Fred Rogers | Lyrics by Josie Carey

You can tell at once
We are elephants
We are elephants
Big and strong
From the backs and fronts
We are elephants
We are elephants
All day long

From the tip of the tusk to the knee
We're as elephant time as can be
From our trunks to our tails you can see
We're a ponderous prosperous highly preposterous pacaderm
Family of three

You can smell at once
We are elephants
We are elephants come what may
And we yell at once
We are elephants
And it's elephants we will stay


Throughout the Neighborhood series, We Are Elephants typically plays any time an elephant is seen or mentioned.

In Episode 1652, Mister Rogers mentions that he and his grandson sometimes pretend to be elephants and sing this song.


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