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Chef Brockett

First MRN Appearance: 0003
Last MRN Appearance: 1686
Performed By: Don Brockett

"Chef" Richard Donald Brockett lives in the real Neighborhood at 5600 Darlington Road[1] and is the owner/operator of Brockett's Bakery which is located near Negri's Music Shop and Betty's Little Theater. He is following in the footsteps of his father who was also a chef.[2]

Early on, Chef Brockett does not speak while cooking and insists on having a quiet kitchen; however, this characteristic becomes less emphasized over time.

In addition to the typical bakery a short-lived soda shoppe could be found at Brockett's Bakery in the late 1970s.

Chef Brockett walks with a noticable limp which does not hold him back from staying active throughout the Neighborhood. When the factory caught fire, Chef Brockett was instrumental in putting out the flames.[3]

Mister Rogers often visits Brockett's Bakery or Chef Brockett visits Mister Rogers' house where they demonstrate how to make a variety of tasty snacks. Similarly, Chef Brockett finds his way into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe quite frequently as well. There he is often delivering a snack of some sort or participating in one of the many Neighborhood operas.



Operas and Plays

Chef Brockett's experience with the Neighborhood operas and plays is quite extensive including the following parts:



It is no secret that Don Brockett suffered from the effects of polio. In Episode 1674, Chef Brockett visits Mister Rogers' house using crutches following a recent surgery. It can only be assumed that limp and condition were written into the character traits of Chef Brockett.


Chef Brockett verifies his full name -- Richard Donald Brockett -- in Episode 0003 when he is questioned by Lady Aberlin who is temporarily serving as a border guard.

A caricature of Chef Brockett is seen in Episode 1068 as part of a book called Who's Coming to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.


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