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Episode 1068

Air Date: February 4, 1970
Previous Episode: 1067
Next Episode: 1069

Mister Rogers arrives with a sign that says "Please Knock" which he hangs outside his front door since he does not have a door bell. Outside the back door, he shows a sign that says "Please Ring" since there is a bell at this entrance.

Back inside, Mister Rogers shares a book called Who's Coming to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood -- an album filled with caricature drawings of various friends from around the Neighborhood.

When he hears knocking, Mister Rogers goes to the front door but finds no one outside. Then the door bell rings and he realizes that the visitor -- Mrs. Saunders -- has gone to the back door. Mrs. Saunders has her guitar with her and spends some time singing for Mister Rogers.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mrs. Saunders is singing for King Friday XIII and Queen Sara. When Handyman Negri is called to the castle by King Friday, he joins Mrs. Saunders in song.

Returning to the house, Mister Rogers offers a piece of fruit to Mrs. Saunders as she leaves. Bob Trow calls on the phone to tell Mister Rogers that another part of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe model has been left for him on the porch. Opening the box, he finds a model of the Museum-Go-Round.

Back in Make-Believe, Lady Elaine Fairchilde is tired of being a lady but Handyman Negri explains to her that ladies can do anything they want. After she realizes the importance of her duties at the Museum-Go-Round, Lady Elaine joins Handyman Negri in singing A Handy Lady and a Handy Man.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about how everyone has their own special talents and abilities.


As Chef Brockett's picture is shown in the book, I'm a Chef plays in the background.

The book of caricatures includes Chef Brockett, Mr. McFeely, Lady Aberlin, Handyman Negri, and Officer Clemmons.


Bob Trow is listed in the credits for this episode but does not appear on camera, nor does he provide any voices for characters featured.

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Episode Credits

Produced by WQED, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in association with Small World Enterprises, Inc. for N.E.T.

Creator and Producer: Fred Rogers
Associate Producer-Director: David Fu-Ying Chen
Music Director: Johnny Costa
Neighbors: Joe Negri, Carol Saunders, Bob Trow
Executive Producer: Paul K. Taff

Production funds for this television visit were provided by a grant from the Sears Roebuck Foundation and a children's program fund established by N.E.T. affiliated stations.

© 1970 National Educational Television and Radio Center

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