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First Experiences

First Experiences was series of books written by Fred Rogers originally published in the late 1980s by G.P. Putnam's Sons. The series was later republished in a slightly smaller format by Paperstar.

According to the Putnam versions:

Birth is the beginning of a lifelong series of new situations. How we help our children to face those first experiences in early childhood will influence the way they cope with new situations all their lives.

Talking openly with our children about what something new ill be like -- what will probably happen and what won't happen -- can help lessen their fears about facing something new and difficult. And encouraging our children to talk openly with us about their feelings can be an important step toward helping them to manage those feelings.

First experiences are great opportunities for our children to grow. They are also times for our children to find out how well they can cope when there is love, trust and healthy communication at home.

Book titles in this series include:

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