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First Experiences: Going on an Airplane

Date: 1989
Author: Fred Rogers
Photographs: Jim Judkis
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Series: First Experiences
ISBN: 0399216332
Purchase: Amazon


Text and photographs copyright © 1989 by Family Communications, Inc.


Going on an Airplane is a publication from the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood First Experiences series. In this book, real life photos are used to help young people feel more comfortable with any fears or reservations they may be feeling about flying in an airplane.

A Note From Fred Rogers

Flying on an airplane is a unique adventure -- no matter how many times we do it. There's something almost unbelievable about traveling up in the sky.

My mother was afraid of flying, so when my parents and I went on long trips, we went by train. I was a teenager before I first had a ride in an airplane, and I loved it so much that I learned how to pilot a plane by the time I graduated from high school. But just because my mother was afraid of flying didn't mean that I had to be. And learning to fly allowed me to see how carefully all pilots must check everything about a plane before they take it up in the air.

More and more children are traveling on commercial airlines these days -- some with their parents and some (age 5 and older) without. Being familiar with the things to expect can be a great help in any new experience, and having the people you love show and tell you about those things can help all the more.

If your child is traveling without you, it's wise to talk with someone at the airline to find out its particular procedure for taking care of your child. Airlines are very specific about their care of young passengers. They consider them top priority for special care.

Helping children to know what they might expect in any first experience is one of the responsibilities and joys of being a parent. Encouraging your child to make whatever he or she can of any new adventure is one of a parent's greatest gifts.

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