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Betty Okonak Templeton Jones

First MRN Appearance: 1524
Last MRN Appearance: 1765
Performed By: Michael Horton

Betty Okonak Templeton Jones is a resident of Southwood and a longtime friend of Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Having attended school in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, she and Lady Elaine have known each other since childhood.

Betty was once married to H.R. Templeton and had a daughter, Janie. After the passing of H.R. Templeton, Betty later married James Michael Jones. Together, she and James Michael Jones adopted a daughter, Carrie Dell.

The nature of Betty Okonak is sincere as she is always willing to lend to her friends when necessary. Her talents are extensive as she has been known to help resolve conflicts, work with complicated machinery, and even go scuba diving.

The talkative Betty Okaonak appeared as Miss Starfish in the opera A Granddad for Daniel.



Betty mentions her Neighborhood of Make-Believe schooling, her previous marriage to H.R. Templeton, and their daughter Janie in Episode 1524.


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