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Cousin Mary Owl

First MRN Appearance: 1129
Last MRN Appearance: 1761
Performed By: Mary Rawson

Cousin Mary Owl lives in Shadyville[1] and is the cousin to X the Owl and Cousin Stephen Owl. She is an instructor at the Owl Correspondence School and often assists X the Owl with his studies.

Along with her cousins, Mary Owl once discovered a secret underground tunnel in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe that starts just outside the tree and ends near the Platypus mound.[2]

Cousin Mary Owl enjoys people watching[3] and once organized a cousins reunion in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.[4]



Costume Variations

Initially, Cousin Mary Owl had yellow feathers coming from a very helmet-like head piece. Over time, the feathers were removed and the head piece followed her jaw line rather than covering her cheeks.



Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Home Video


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