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Episode 1542

Topic: No and Yes
Air Date: February 5, 1985
Previous Episode: 1541 - No and Yes
Next Episode: 1543 - No and Yes
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Mister Rogers arrives with a potted flower and recalls a time when he was a boy and picked a flower from a neighbor's yard without permission. He shares that from this experience, he learned to appreciate things by looking at them. Mister Rogers then sings Look and Listen before Mr. McFeely stops by on his tricycle with a film about how people make tricycles.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday tries to sit on his Father's tricycle but it is too big and he falls off. Clearly instructed to stay off of the tricycle, King Friday punishes Prince Tuesday by sending him to his room as soon as he returns from school.

King Friday is invited to perform the wedding ceremony of Betty Okonak Templeton and James Michael Jones. Betty Templeton would like to talk with Prince Tuesday about his role as well, but that conversation has to wait due to the Prince's punishment.

At the school, Handyman Negri finds that Daniel is very nervous about his role as ring bearer in the upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, at the Museum-Go-Round, Lady Elaine, Lady Aberlin, and Betty Okonak Templeton select the flowers to be used in the wedding.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers returns to the studio of Dianne Dengel to pick up his completed portrait. He is surprised to find that the portrait also includes several characters from the Neighborhood program.


When Mister Rogers invites Mr. McFeely inside to watch the film about tricycles, Mr. McFeely mentions that he has three more deliveries to make -- to the the Warninskys, the Vogels, and the Costas. These names refer to three members of the Neighborhood crew -- Frank Warninsky (lighting director), Art Vogel (cameraman), and Johnny Costa (music director).

Mister Rogers feels that the Neighborhood characters were included on his portrait because "each of the puppets is a special part of what [he thinks and feels]."

This episode is included on the Would You Be Mine Collection (DVD).

Appearing In This Episode


  • Dianne Dengel




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Charles Altman, Dianne Dengel, Michael Horton, Carole Muller, Joe Negri, David Newell, Bob Trow
Special thanks to Hedstrom, a member of Brown Group, Inc.
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Sam Newbury
Director: Paul Lally
Associate Producer: Margaret Whitmer
Music Director: John Costa

Produced in association with WQED/Pittsburgh
A production of Family Communications
© 1985 Family Communications

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