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Taking Good Care of You

Date: 1997
Publisher: The MRN Child Care Partnership


© 1997 by Family Communications, Inc.

A Message From Fred Rogers

How can we help children learn to take care of themselves? As a parent, you've already begun that with all the care you have given right from the start: feeding, diapering, holding, cuddling, talking, and listening. There are many ways for your children to know that you love them -- many ways for them to learn that the world is a caring and predictable place. Those are the things that build the foundation for children to take care of their own health.

Some things (like immunizations, x-rays, or wearing bicycle helmets) that children need in order to be healthy may be scary, strange, or uncomfortable for them. When we can help them talk about their concerns, children are more likely to manage better. We hope this book will open the door for some helpful talk and careful listening in your family.

It's family and friends, neighbors and child-care providers, teachers and health care professionals who help children grow into being adults who take good care of themselves and the next generation. What an essential, wonderful job for all of us.

A Message From The Child Care Partnership

Taking Good Care of You covers health, safety, and nutrition issues in child care while emphasizing the role self-esteem plays in the healthy physical and emotional growth of young children. Materials for young children include "Going to the Dentist," "Going to the Emergency Department," "What's in an Ambulance," "Getting an Immunization," "Eating Healthy Foods," "Washing Hands," "Wearing Bicycle Helmets," and "Going to the Doctor."

The Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Child Care Partnership produces a wide range of training and support materials for child care providers to enhance their work with the children and families whose lives they touch.


Titles in this series include:

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