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Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe (Album)

Artist: Fred Rogers
Date: 1968
Format: LP
Label: Small World Records
Catalog: 81053
Purchase/Stream: Amazon



Josephine is a sad giraffe UNTIL her elephant friend, Hazel, discovers "The Westwood School For Growing" where animals help each other feel good about themselves.

Sir Bulldog, headmaster of Westwood, welcomes Josephine and Hazel to his school and there they see a silent snake learn to hiss and a Honeybear solve a honey problem. Josephine meets a shy boy giraffe who overcomes his shyness by helping her with her feelings about her short neck. At the end they are all singing "I'm Glad I'm the Way I Am."

Track List

Side 1

  1. Perfect Day
  2. For a Year and a Day
  3. We Are Elephants
  4. Make Her Smile
  5. Promise
  6. Commonsense

Side 2

  1. Hissing Song
  2. Josephine
  3. Nice
  4. I'm Glad I'm the Way I Am
  5. Perfect Day


Complete title is "MisteRogers Tells the Original Story of Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe."


Misterogers: Fred Rogers
Josephine Giraffe: Maxine Miller
Mother Giraffe: Marge Mowry
Hazel Elephant: Josie Carey
Mother Elephant: Lili Francks
Father Elephant: Don Francks
Frog: Don Francks
Sir Bulldog: Don Brockett
Miss Honeybear: Betty Aberlin
Mr. Snake: Bob Trow
J.R. Giraffe: Don Francks

Music By: Fred Rogers (A.S.C.A.P.)
Lyrics By: Josie Carey (A.S.C.A.P.)
Musical Director: John Costa
Producer: Geroge Hill
Assistant to Producer: Betty Aberlin & David Newell
Psychological Consultants: Margaret B. McFarland, Ph.D. & Albert V. Corrado, M.D.
Recording Engineer: Glenn Campbell
Cover Design: Wm. Law

© FRED M. ROGERS, 1968
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