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Children Can

Written by Fred Rogers | © 1969, Fred M. Rogers

Who can crawl under a table?
Who can sit under a chair?
Who can fit their feet in little shoes
And sleep most anywhere?
Who can play very much longer,
Play much harder than grownups ever dare?
You're a child so you can do it.
You can do it anywhere.

Who can wake up every morning
And be ready right away?
Who can notice all the tiny things
That other people say?
Who can make the things they play with
Something different for every single day?
You're a child and you can do it.
You can do it any way.

Roll in the grass,
Squoosh in the mud.
Lick an ice cream cone,
Sing to a bass.
Splash in a flood
By a stepping stone, all alone.

Who can put your hand in my hand
And be ready to feel all safe and strong?
You're a child so you can do it.
Children do it all life long.


An instrumental of this song is used in the Let's Talk About Wearing a Cast video.

A song is sung to the tune of Children Can on Episode 112a of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.


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