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Daniel Takes Care of Snowball (Book)

Date: 2018
Written By: "Scarlett Wing"[1]
Publisher: Cottage Door Press
ISBN: 9781680523287
Purchase: Amazon (Board Book)

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Guess who's coming home from school with Daniel today? Snowball, the classroom bunny! Teacher Harriet tells Daniel it's his turn to take home Snowball and take care of him. Take a journey with Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday and learn how they take care of the pet bunny. Feeding, cleaning, brushing his fur and playing, taking care of Snowball is a lot of work but Daniel learns hard work is enjoyable. As you read the story, picture icons will prompt you to press the buttons and play the sound effects. The sturdy handle is just right for little hands, at home or on the go. Daniel Takes Care of Snowball is great for all little Daniel Tiger Neighborhood fans! [Amazon]


This book is based on the storyline from Episode 218a.

Appearing In This Book


  1. According to the publisher: "We use a name like this when Cottage Door Press works together on a story. We choose a name that stands for 'red bird,' which is our cheerful little mascot."

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