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About the Neighborhood Archive

I had been considering this for a few years. Having grown up in the late 70's and on through the 80's, I was a kid who loved a regular visit to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. As an adult, I have continued to hold a dear appreciation for Fred Rogers, the values he taught, and the legacy he left.

Tim in TreeFor quite some time, I had considered creating an internet archive of all things Mister Rogers...yes, all things. Episode commentary, books for kids, books for adults, LP releases, CD releases, fan stories, news articles, toys...and so on...and so on. I searched the web and to my amazement, nothing like that existed.

Then PBS pulled Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from its regular programming, essentially ending an era of invaluable childrens' television. While there were indeed efforts being made to keep the Neighborhood program on the air, I felt that my idea for an archival site dedicated to Mister Rogers could never be more appropriate than it was right then.

Starting out in a blog format in December 2008, the Neighborhood Archive has evolved into this more user-friendly website. This effort has found a solid audience of faithful Mister Rogers fans and has grown to be a long-overdue web resource dedicated to one of the most influential icons of our generation -- Mister Rogers. I encourage you to check in on the Archive regularly as you can expect frequent updates.

For more on the story behind this site, check out this 2018 article and video from The News-Gazette:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or contributions you would like to make regarding the Neighborhood Archive. I would be happy to hear the ways in which Fred Rogers has touched your life.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tim Lybarger
info [at] neighborhoodarchive [dot] com

Special Thanks

A huge amount of gratitude is owed to several people for helping to improve the Neighborhood Archive and for simply allowing it to exist.

Eric, Aaron, and Paul, your contributions through information, commentary, donation and research has been invaluable. Thanks as well, to others who have contributed -- either financially or by providing images and details not yet available on the Neighborhood Archive.

And most of all, thanks to the fine people at the Fred Rogers Company for their access to and permission to use images, material, and footage. Your generosity and partnership is greatly appreciated by all who visit the Neighborhood Archive!

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