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Daniel Feels Left Out

Episode: 136b
Air Date: February 17, 2014
Previous Episode: 136a - Duckling Goes Home
Next Episode: 137a - Daniel Gets Frustrated
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Daniel Tiger and Dad Tiger have just picked up groceries for dinner and stop on the way home when they see O the Owl and Katerina Kittycat playing outside the treehouse. Daniel feels left out when he realizes that O and Katerina have been playing ladybugs together all day.

Dad Tiger reminds Daniel that it's okay to feel sad sometimes and shares a sad song that he likes to sing sometimes. Outside his house, Daniel pretends that everything around him is singing the sad song with him.

Inside the house, Mom Tiger has been working on dinner. Daniel and Dad Tiger wash up and help make a salad while they talk about seeing O the Owl and Katerina Kittycat. Still feeling sad, Daniel is encouraged by his mom with a song and a hug.


  • "It's okay to feel sad sometimes. Little by little, you'll feel better again."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes two children visiting an insect museum.



As Daniel Tiger and Dad Tiger leave the grocery store, they greet Prince Tuesday who is working outside.

This episode is included on the DVD Daniel's Big Feelings.

Songs from this episode were released as part of the 2014 audio collection Daniel's Big Feelings.

The storyline from this episode is featured in the book Daniel Feels Left Out and the Adventures of Daniel Tiger Treasury.

Among others, the strategy from this episode was used in the special episode, Won't You Sing Along With Me?.



Episode Credits

Written by Becky Friedman
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2013 The Fred Rogers Company

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