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Daniel's Big Feelings (Video)

Date: 2014
Format: DVD
Studio: PBS
ISBN: 9781608839896
Purchase/Stream: Amazon (DVD)


Running Time: Approx. 100 minutes


Daniel Tiger invites young viewers directly into his world, giving them a kid's eye view of his life and making them feel like one of his neighbors. As they follow Daniel's everyday adventures, preschoolers and their families learn fun and practical strategies and skills necessary for dealing with everyday experiences, like feeling left out or frustrated, being jealous of a friend, or understanding how someone else feels.

Episodes on this DVD include:


Includes printable activities and coloring pages as well as an advertisement insert for Daniel Tiger books and toys.

This DVD is also part of the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Double Feature DVD.


"Duckling Goes Home" - Story by Angela C. Santomero & Becky Friedman, Written by Wendy Harris
"Daniel Feels Left Out" - Written by Becky Friedman
"Daniel Gets Frustrated" - Story by Angela C. Santomero and Becky Friedman, Written by Jennifer Hamburg
"Frustration at School" - Written by Becky Friedman
"Daniel is Jealous" - Story by Angela C. Santomero & Becky Friedman, Written by Wendy Harris
"Jealousy at the Treehouse" - Written by Becky Friedman
"Someone Else's Feelings" - Written by Angela C. Santomero
"Empathy at School" - Written by BeckY Friedman
"Daniel Gets Mad" - Written by Angela C. Santomero
"Katerina Gets Mad" - Written by Becky Friedman

Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

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