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Here Comes Donkey Hodie!

Here comes Donkey Hodie
Hee-Haw, Donkey Hodie

She loves adventure, she loves surprise
When there's a problem she tries and tries
Let's go, Donkey Hodie

If she fails she'll bounce right back
Come on, Duck Duck, give a quack
Kay, kay! Quack! Donkey Hodie

She plays with Bob Dog, they have a ball
It's fun for them, it's fun for all
Bow wow! Donkey Hodie

Just for fun, she'll take a trip
With Purple Panda in his spaceship
Heyo! Donkey Hodie

A hee and a haw and a haw and a hee
Someplace Else is the place to be
With our pal Donkey Hodie!
Hee haw!


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Donkey Hodie

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