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Grandpere (Henri Frederique de Tigre)

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Grandpere (Henri Frederique de Tigre[1])lives in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe at the Eiffel Tower -- very near King Friday's castle. He speaks French and often teaches his Neighbors what French words mean.

Grandpere is the grandfather of Collette, the daughter of his son. Occasionally, Collette comes to visit her grandfather in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.[2][3]

Grandpere generously shares his Tower with Dr. Bill Platypus whose office is located inside. Additionally, he calmly exercises patience with his Neighbors when they turn the Tower into a mountain[4] or even turn it upside down.[5]

Grandpere's Name

"Grandpere" is the French word for "grandfather." In Episode 1164, it is revealed that Grandpere's full name is Henri Frederique de Tigre.


Although they are not seen, a picture of Grandpere's son and daughter-in-law holding a baby Collette is shows in Episode 1532.

Puppet Demonstration

Mister Rogers demonstrates the Grandpere puppet in Episode 1384 and Episode 1726.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

In Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, a character named Grandpere appears as the father of Daniel Striped Tiger and the grandfather of Daniel Tiger.


With Josie Carey on The Children's Corner
Early Grandpere
[Episode 0004]
At the Eiffel Tower
[Episode 1761]

Puppet demonstration
[Episode 1384]
With Collette
[Episode 1532]
On the cover of the King Friday XIII Celebrates LP
Illustrated in the Pencil Play Book
Illustrated in the Trolley Shape Book


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

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