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Collette Tiger

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Collette Tiger is the granddaughter of Grandpere and occasionally comes to visit him in the Neighbohrood of Make-Believe. On one such visit, she arrived via the Express de Grandparents -- a flying trolley.[1]

Collette's visits to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe often cause a good deal of stress for Henrietta Pussycat who is jealous of Collette's beauty and popularity.

When Princess Margaret H. Witch visited the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, her crystal ball showed glimpses of the future which revealed that Collette would eventually marry Daniel Striped Tiger.[2]

Collette enjoys taking and sharing pictures of animals.

Collette's Name and Background

A package delivered to Henrietta Pussycat in Episode 1312 shows that Collette's full name is "Collette Tiger."


The story of Collette's visit to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe can be found in two different children's books:


Visiting the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. [Episode 1179]
A second visit to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. [Episode 1532]
Married to Daniel in the future.
[Episode 1460]
Baby Collette with her parents.
[Episode 1532]
Baby Collette with her grandfather. [Episode 1532]


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood



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