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Our Small World

Date: 1954
Author: Josie Carey and Fred Rogers
Illustrator: Norb Nathanson
Publisher: Reed and Witting Company


Copyright © 1954 Small World Enterprises


Our Small World was published in 1954 and based on the Children's Corner -- the show that paved the way for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Approximately 5000 copies were printed and distributed throughout the Pittsburgh area.


A majority of this book is dedicated to autobiographical compositions "written" by Daniel Striped Tiger, Lady Elaine Fairchilde, King Friday XIII, X the Owl, and Grandpere.


Additionally, a play is included for children to perform as well as sheet music to several popular songs from the Children's Corner.


The inside covers of this book show a detailed map of Calendarland.

Various parts of this book are shared on Episodes 16, Episode 17, and Episode 18 of the Neighbohrood Archive Podcast.

Illustrator Norb Nathanson took part in a Neighborhood Archive Q & A in early 2014.

Appearing In This Book

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