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Episode 1703

Topic: Helping
Air Date: July 24, 1996
Previous Episode: 1702 - Helping
Next Episode: 1704 - Helping
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Mister Rogers arrives with a videotape showing a time when Barbara Smith visited the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. After showing the clip on the tape, Mister Rogers takes viewers along on a visit to B. Smith's, Ms. Smith's restaurant. At B. Smith's, Mister Rogers is taken to the kitchen where he sees a large machine that makes whipped butter. Together, after viewing the restaurant's walk-in refrigerator, Mister Rogers and Ms. Smith make a custard dessert with Henry, the restaurant's head chef.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Barbara Smith is visiting the castle where she gives Queen Sara a napkin commerating her new restaurant. After Ms. Smith heads to the castle's kitchen with Edgar Cooke, Lady Aberlin arrives singing Perfectly Beatiful Day. Suddenly, a powerful wind sweeps through the Neighborhood.

It is discovered that the wind is coming from the large number of vacuum cleaners running at the Museum-Go-Round. Lady Elaine makes the vacuums disappear in her continued effort to rid the world of all vacuum sweepers.

Passing back by the tree, Lady Aberlin stops to sing A Fine Feathered Friend with X the Owl.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers welcomes his young friend Justin Miller to the kitchen where they make a turtle sandwich from green peppers, lettuce, and cucumber on a roll.


The clip of Barbara Smith is from Episode 1010 and features her modeling a wedding dress for the soon-to-be married Sara Saturday.

This episode is included on the DVD collection Mister Rogers Meets New Friends.

Appearing In This Episode


  • Barbara Smith
  • Justin Miller




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Justin Miller, Barbara Smith
Special Thanks to: The Staff of B. Smith's
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Margaret Whitmer
Director: Bob Walsh
Associate Producer: Adrienne Wehr
Music Director: John Costa

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