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Episode 1697

Topic: Transformations
Air Date: February 20, 1996
Previous Episode: 1696 - Transformations
Next Episode: 1698 - Transformations
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Mister Rogers arrives with an African violet and takes a long look at the flower before he sings Look and Listen. Mr. McFeely stops by a small green ball which he and Mister Rogers take outside where they meet a talented juggler named JoAnn Swaim. Ms. Swaim provides a very simple juggling lesson before showcasing her talents by juggling as many as seven balls.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday is looking carefully at an African violet and King Friday does not understand the use of what his son is doing. The King departs for the J Room where his juggling instructor is waiting. Recognizing Prince Tuesday's love for the flower, Handyman Negri listens and Mayor Maggie sings and signs Then Your Heart is Full of Love.

Mayor Maggie and Neighbor Aber have still been unsuccessful in delivering the strange package to Purple Panda. At the Museum-Go-Round, they show the package to Lady Elaine before Neighbor Aber tosses it in the air and it disappears. Surfacing in the hands of Handyman Negri, the package has changed colors once again. Handyman Negri also loses the package by tossing it in the air but quickly finds it sitting on the Trolley.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers shares a Neighborhood photo album featuring pictures of several of his neighbors as children and adults. Mr. McFeely returns with a video showing various time-lapse images of things changing in nature. The video includes a caterpillar changing into a butterfly which makes Mister Rogers think to take out toy caterpillar. The toy changes into a butterfly as well.


In February 1996, a short article appeared in the Philadelphia Enquirer about JoAnn Swaim and her visit to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood photo album includes images of Mr. McFeely, Mrs. McFeely, Joe Negri, Maggie Stewart, Bob Trow, Betty Aberlin, and Chuck Aber.

This episode is included on the It's a Beautiful Day Collection (DVD).

Appearing In This Episode


  • JoAnn Swaim




Episode Credits

With Fred Rogers
Neighbors: Chuck Aber, Lenny Meledandri, Joe Negri, David Newell, Maggie Stewart, JoAnn Swaim
Special thanks to: Fabulous Footage Inc.
Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Producer: Margaret Whitmer
Director: Bob Walsh
Associate Producer: Adrienne Wehr
Music Director: John Costa

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