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Episode 1683

Topic: Fast and Slow
Air Date: February 22, 1995
Previous Episode: 1682 - Fast and Slow
Next Episode: 1684 - Fast and Slow
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Mister Roges arrives with a bag which has the alphabet printed on it. Inside the bag, he has a gift for Mr. McFeely -- the Speedy Delivery Alphabet Book. Mister Rogers takes a few moments to share the book with viewers -- the book features 26 different ways that Mr. McFeely is able to make deliveries. One for each letter of the alphabet, Mr. McFeely is shown making deliveries by some interesting means such as by dog sled, kayak, ox cart, quarter horse, vine, and xebec. Mister Rogers sings the Alphabet Song before he receives a phone call from Mr. McFeely who will be stopping by later.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, X's cousin Steven continues to try and catch the Trolley with a net. Meanwhile, Lady Aberlin and Prince Tuesday try to cheer up Daniel Tiger who is sad because he cannot say the alphabet as quickly as Prince Tuesday. Lady Aberlin is able to encourage Daniel by pointing out the things that he is able to do with the alphabet -- some things which Prince Tuesday cannot do.

Back at the house, Mr. McFeely stops by to pick up the alphabet book and delivers a funny fast film about a day he was raking leaves. Mister Rogers concludes by singing You Are Special.


The alphabet bag does not include the letters J and U. It features the "hotch potch" design from Colonial Williamsburg.

As Mister Rogers reads, various songs can be heard in the background including Speedy Delivery (v2), We Are Elephants, Somethings I Don't Understand, The Alphabet Song, and You've Got To Do It.

In close-up shots of Daniel and Prince Tuesday, a fly can be seen flying around.

The film canister delivered by Mr. McFeely is labeled "FFF" -- Funny Fast Film.

As Mister Rogers sits on the couch to read the book, the castle model can be seen on the kitchen table behind him. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe models were not used in this episode.


Early in the episode, Mister Rogers tries to call Mr. McFeely. After telling viewers that Mr. McFeely was unavailable, Mister Rogers decides that it is time for Make-Believe. What he does not realize is that when he hung up the phone, he did so with the cord wrapped around his arm. As he stands to walks towards the Trolley track, he is held back by the tangled cord.

Never skipping a beat, Mister Rogers laughs to himself, unhooks his arm, and transitions smoothly into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

In Make-Believe, a set of studio lights is briefly seen in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Neighbors: Betty Aberlin, Stephen Lee, David Newell
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