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Be a Helping Friend

[Donkey Hodie]
To be a helping friend (yes)
To be a helping friend
There are two things you can do
And I will share those things with you

Number one is pay attention
Pay really close attention
Is she acting a certain way?
Is she frowning? Is she slumping?
Is she crying? Is she frumping?
How does she seem today?

Pay attention and there's no doubt
If your friend is in trouble then you'll find out
Is she sighing? Is she stomping?
Is she quivering or clomping?
Is she letting out a scream or shout?

Number two
You need to think the problem over in your mind
Put yourself in her position, and you'll find
A way, a helpful way to care
You'll feel so good when help is shared
And you're helping a friend ____

[Purple Panda]
I'll be a helping friend (yes)
I'll be a helping friend
I'll pay attention and I think you'll see
That the helping friend is me
What a helping friend I'll be!


Donkey Hodie

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