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Tater Buddies

Episode: 117b
Air Date: August 12, 2021
Previous Episode: 117a - Bye Bye, Book
Next Episode: 118a - Donkey's Bad Day
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Purple Panda is on his way to a Tater Buddy party with is friend, Donkey Hodie. Everyone is to bring their own individual Tater Buddy -- Panda's is named Percival. Upon arriving, Panda finds that Donkey is upset having lost her own Tater Buddy, Petunia. Harriett Elizabeth Cow offers to help by using her Potato Finder invention which promptly discovers Petunia.

Duck Duck arrives with her Tater Buddy -- Pippy Pointy Schnuzzle. As they dance, Pippy loses her pointy nose which upsets Duck Duck. Donkey Hodie helps by finding a new nose for Duck Duck's Tater Buddy. Donkey then teaches Purple Panda how to recognize when a friend needs help.

When Bob Dog is playing a party game, Purple Panda mistakenly thinks he needs help with something. Panda is discouraged but Donkey makes him feel better for recognizing the signs of a friend in need.

When Stanely is upset by the fact that he does not have a Tater Buddy to bring to the party, Purple Panda is able to help him find a solution by sharing his own Tater Buddy.


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Episode Credits

Created by Adam Rudman & David Rudman
Developed by Ellen Doherty
Inspired by the work of Fred Rogers

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