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The Mister Rogers Parenting Resource Book


WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers
PUBLISHER: Running Press
ISBN: 0762423587



In The Mister Rogers Parenting Book, Fred Rogers reassuringly helps parents with a wide range of family situations, from everyday experiences like bedtime to challenging concerns like dealing with tragic events in the news. His timeless wisdom grew out of his lifetime study in child development and years of communicating with children. Each chapter offers Fred Rogers' caring insight into children's behavior as well as parents' feelings. Helpful hints suggest practical ideas parents can use.

Mister Rogers' Playtime, with more than 80 easy-to-do activities, helps your child discover the joy of learning through the pleasure of play. Using ordinary household materials, children can explore, create, and pretend -- on their own or with your help. Each chapter focuses on a different area important to a child's personal growth, like sharing, feelings, and helping.

Combined, these two books make the perfect gift for any parent looking for useful and comforting advice from a trusted "neighbor" about how to understand, encourage, and play with a young child.



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