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Our Neighbor, Fred Rogers (1990)

Beginning on March 5, 1990, PBS stations across the country aired Our Neighbor, Fred Rogers -- a celebration of Fred Rogers' 35 years in public television service -- as part of their annual pledge drives. The documentary features archival footage and interviews spanning Fred's influential career. Coming in at just under an hour in length, Our Neighbor, Fred Rogers was produced by Pittsburgh filmmaker Rick Sebak and narrated by David Hartman.

Much of the footage used in this documentary went on to be used in a similar 2003 film -- Fred Rogers: America's Favorite Neighbor -- narrated by Michael Keaton.


This special was re-aired following the death of Fred Rogers in 2003.




Special Thanks To: Family Communications Inc., Hedda Sharapan, Sam Newbury, David Newell, All Crew and Cast Members of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Sound Recording: Radar Long, Tom Deluga, Jack Arthurs, Dick LaSota
Videotape Editing: Paul Byers
Post Production Sound: Bob Millslagle
Lighting: Bob Lubomski, Frank Warninsky, Joe Abeln, Michael Reid, Nick Tallo, Jim Bruwelheide
Graphic Design: Corey Glickman
Production Coordinators: Carol Moltz, Karesse Doss, Doug Coates
Production Assistants: Satwant K. Mehta, Doug Jones
Rights and Clearances: Susan McCoy
Thanks To: Merritt Holland, Fran Desocio, Sam Silberman, Tim McGrane, Idlewild Park, WGBH, WQEX
Footage Courtesy of: Family Communications Inc., NBC, Eddie Murphy, CBC, Children's Television Workshop, Avery Productions, KDKA-TV

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